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21 Day Transformation Journey

Hi, Im Towanda McEachern. and I will serve as your “Transformation Journey Tour Guide”.  I take women on a journey to heal from their “Past” move into their “Present” and prepare for their “Future”.

There is a time when you need to start the process of healing, transformation, and forgiveness.  In life you will go on many journeys that will lead you to many places; some you will question how you got there.  But the real question is what to do now that you are there.

 How do you use those life lessons to serve you?  The journey will allow you the opportunity to self-reflect and give you a different perspective on life’s journey. 

From Day 1 to Day 21 it will challenge and liberate you at the same time.  You will be forced to dig places that ultimately you forgot about.  Places that once had a hold on you, has to now set you FREE!!

Come “Journey” with me.

How do I participate in the "21 Day Transformation Journey"?

  1. Get your copy of the 21 Day Transformation Journey Book.

  2. Join the Private “FB” Group.

  3. Set aside 15 minutes a day to do the lesson.

  4. Have an open heart and mind.

  5. Be prepared to do the work.

  6. Answer the questions in your workbook.

  7. Listen the the “Master Classes” each week.

What's included in the "Journey"?

  • 1 Workbook (Physical copy to be mailed to you)

  • 4 Master Classes (Transformation Academy)

  • Private “FB” Group

  • Bonus Classes

  • A lot of love and support on the journey


Order your copy today and Join the "Journey"

Are you ready to "Transform your LIfe"

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Are you ready for the JOURNEY?