Transformation is a Mindset

Nothing changed until I changed.  I was having a conversation with one of my students and they were telling me how much clarity they were receiving about their life and their business from a fast they were on in January of this year.  I was at a tipping point in my life and I knew something needed to change.  Whenever I feel like my life is a mess, I check my M.E.S which is my Mental, Emotional and Spiritual state. So I decided I needed to fast to gain clarity also.  But I needed to add another layer to it, I needed to add the physical.

I’ve heard before that it’s not just what you are eating, but what’s eating you.  So I decided during this time to take a look at what was really going on in my life.  I discovered that I was using food as a comfort to avoid dealing with my M.E.S. I had to ask myself what was eating me, meaning what was wrong with me that every time I wanted to be comforted I would turn to food.  

Just call me Sherlocka, cause I’m always making discoveries:) 

Here's what I discovered?

  1. Every time I was happy, sad or mad I would eat.
  2. Every time I had something to do and didn’t quite feel like doing it, I would eat (Avoidance and Procrastination)
  3. Every time I was tired, I would eat.

I realized I was just emotionally eating to make me feel better and to comfort me. I knew that if I wanted something different I was going to have to do something different. I had to get to the root and ask myself some hard questions about what was going in my life and what I was avoiding dealing with.  Each answer caused me to go deeper, I had to coach myself, I pretended like I was one of my clients. (If you’ve ever coached with me or been to any of my workshops you know I GO IN!) Let’s just say there was a lot of tissue, journaling and prayer.  After I was able to gain clarity  and shift my mindset it was time to spring into action.

The next step I knew I needed to take was to change my eating habits; but I didn’t know how.

I kept seeing all these commercials for WW Freestyle ( weight watchers) and I remembered it from years ago when I was younger and my mom use to do it.  I remember saying to myself, “aint nobody got time to be counting no points” lol! In my mind it just felt like one more thing to avoid doing. But I was ready for change, so I was willing to try it.   Well, let me tell you, it was so simple, it is now digitized with an app and it does the tracking for you.  The system works  and I LOVE IT.

Now, I don’t run to food as a coping mechanism.  I live in the moment and I try to deal with whatever is going on so it is not eating at me.

My family and friends are sick of me talking about how many points is in something and “No” I’m not eating that, lol!! (They’ll get over it)

This time it’s for ME and I’m LOVING IT!!.

So, What’s eating you?

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